Giving Horsey Rides To A Child? Here’s How To Prevent Back Pain

Many young and not-so-young children enjoy horsey rides on adults — in other words, hop on the adult's back, hang on tightly, and encourage the adult to run or crawl around like a horse. If you have children, nieces, or nephews, you might commonly find yourself in the role of "horsey" — especially if you've given rides in the past and they went over well. The risk of this activity is that it can lead to back pain and the need for one or more chiropractic adjustments, especially if the child you're carrying is heavy. Read More 

Tips For Recovering From Auto Accident Injuries

Being injured in auto accidents can have severe consequences on your life, and it is important to ensure that you receive the appropriate medical care. Otherwise, you may find that you will experience sizable difficulties that may prove to be permanent. This can be particularly true when the injuries are to joints, and those that have been injured in an auto accident may benefit from learning more about the steps they can take to help recover from this injury. Read More 

3 Things To Find Out Before Choosing A Chiropractor

Have you been suffering from back pain lately? Are you considering visiting a chiropractor to see if that makes a difference? Depending on the underlying problem, a good chiropractor can make a huge difference in the amount of back pain that you feel on a day to day basis. But in order to get the most benefit from your appointments, you'll first need to find the right practitioner for your needs. Read More 

Thinking Of Investing In A Physical Therapy? Make Sure To Offer These Complementary Therapies

If you're interested in getting into a health-focused business, one of the ideas that you may be considering is owning a physical therapy clinic. Whether you buy an existing clinic that comes on the market or start your own, you'll be able to take pride in serving the community and improving the health of its members. Physical therapy can help a wide range of people, including those suffering from assorted aches and pains, people recovering from surgical procedures, and those who have been in accidents. Read More 

Unexpected Ways That Your Chiropractor May Be Able To Reduce Your Foot Pain

When you're suffering with sore feet, a logical approach is to contact a local podiatrist. While doing so can eventually lead to the relief of your pain, it's important to also consider other health practitioners. Chiropractors are widely associated with providing relief for back pain, but what you might not know is that your local chiropractor may also be someone to whom you should turn if you're dealing with sore feet. Read More