Unexpected Ways That Your Chiropractor May Be Able To Reduce Your Foot Pain

When you're suffering with sore feet, a logical approach is to contact a local podiatrist. While doing so can eventually lead to the relief of your pain, it's important to also consider other health practitioners. Chiropractors are widely associated with providing relief for back pain, but what you might not know is that your local chiropractor may also be someone to whom you should turn if you're dealing with sore feet. By adjusting parts of your body other than your feet, your chiropractor can often give you a reduction in your discomfort. Here are some ways that a chiropractor can be valuable for reducing foot pain.

Pelvic Adjustment

Many people don't have pelvis symmetry. Whether the result of a car accident, another form of physical injury, or other causes, your pelvis can be put out of alignment. While this issue can often result in pain in your lower back, it has the potential of also leading to foot pain. For example, a misaligned pelvis can leave you with one hip that is lower than the other, resulting in a leg that appears longer than the other. The foot on the "longer" leg may strike the ground with more force, resulting in heel or ankle pain. When your chiropractor restores the balance of your pelvis, you'll walk with more of an even gait that should reduce your pain.

Knee Adjustment

If one of your knees twists inward, the foot on that leg will commonly follow suit. This could mean that you're striking the ground with the side of the foot instead of the full sole of the foot. This gait can cause foot pain and potentially ankle pain, too. Pressure on one side of your foot can roll your ankle to a slight degree, resulting in discomfort over the course of a day spent on your feet. When your chiropractor is able to adjust your knee to restore its correct position, you should notice less foot pain.

Lifestyle Assessment

In addition to their hands-on care, chiropractors are valuable allies for talking about the big picture of your health. Foot pain can result from several causes, including your weight. The heavier you are, the more force is put on your feet each time you step — and this can lead to a significant amount of discomfort. Your chiropractor can identify potential causes of your foot pain that may relate to your lifestyle, and then make some gentle suggestions on how you can make improvements — for example, he or she may advocate that you lose some weight.

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