Thinking Of Investing In A Physical Therapy? Make Sure To Offer These Complementary Therapies

If you're interested in getting into a health-focused business, one of the ideas that you may be considering is owning a physical therapy clinic. Whether you buy an existing clinic that comes on the market or start your own, you'll be able to take pride in serving the community and improving the health of its members. Physical therapy can help a wide range of people, including those suffering from assorted aches and pains, people recovering from surgical procedures, and those who have been in accidents. A big benefit of physical therapy is that is complements other therapies; if you offer these therapies in your clinic, you'll be a one-stop shop for the community.

Massage Therapy

Many people who need physical therapy can also benefit from massage therapy, which makes this healing practice a good one to include in your physical therapy clinic. Massage can be used before or after physical therapy. If a patient has limited range of motion, making it difficult to perform the necessary movements in his or her physical therapy session, a massage before the appointment can limber up the muscles and improve their range of motion. After physical therapy, if a patient is feeling a little sore from pushing too hard, a short massage can take care of achy muscles.


Some physical therapists may actually practice acupuncture, too. If you don't hire any such therapists, it can be a good idea to also offer acupuncture in your physical therapy clinic. Acupuncture has many benefits, including helping the patient to relax. This can be valuable for a physical therapy patient who is experiencing a high degree of stress. For example, it can be stressful to attempt to recover from surgery, especially if the patient's mobility is poor. Getting acupuncture can help him or her feel better, which may expedite the healing.


Chiropractic is another form of care that can complement physical therapy. When a body part is out of alignment and the physical therapist is having trouble moving it into the correct position, he or she can refer the patient to the chiropractor down the hall. This healthcare professional can then adjust the body part in question to restore balance, which will help the physical therapy to make more progress with the patient. Additionally, each of these practitioners can work together with the physical therapist to assess a patient's health issues, which can help him or her feel well cared for and put the patient on the fast track to better health.

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