5 Cases Where Chiropractic Care May Make a Difference

While we tend to think of chiropractic care as being primarily aimed at relieving back pain, there are many other conditions that a chiropractic treatment services provider may be able to address. If you're curious about whether your situation might call for a trip to someone who offers chiropractic adjustment services, this list may inspire you to consider talking with a professional.

A Pain in the Neck

The neck is an extension of the spine, and it can be treated by way of a chiropractic adjustment. Acute neck pain, such as arises from cases of whiplash, may benefit from such an approach. In a study, individuals who suffered acute neck pain due to sudden, sharp injuries, indicated a rate of 96% satisfaction with chiropractic care they had received during the study. Many also said they'd consider the process again for similar injuries.


How a woman carries a baby during pregnancy can make a big difference in how she feels. Unfortunately, babies aren't always inclined to make things easy, and back pain is a very common problem during pregnancy. An estimated 50% of women will experience such pain in pregnancy, and as high as 75% will experience back pain during labor.

Only 21%, however, seek any type of chiropractic care services. According to one study, 84% of participants obtained relief through professional assistance with back pain.

Personal Injury and Auto Accident Cases

It's common for an insurance carrier to want a professional opinion about spinal or neck injuries someone suffered in an incident. Numerous chiropractic care services providers are comfortable conducting these kinds of examinations for their clients. A report can then be submitted to the insurance company detailing specifics about areas of injury, pain levels and treatment options.

Migraine Headaches

While many types of headaches do not lend themselves to treatment through chiropractic adjustment, there's a body of evidence that suggests that migraine sufferers might want to consider the option. Cervical spine issues appear to be a culprit in some cases, and a chiropractor can help you try to narrow down the problem.

Athletic Performance

Sports participants don't need to wait until they've dinged their bodies up to visit a chiropractic treatment services practice. There's some evidence to suggest that an athlete may benefit in terms of performance from receiving a chiropractic adjustment. 82% of runners engaged in training, for example, displayed reductions in pain symptoms related to lumbar problems.