Three Ways to Reduce Your Headache Pain before You Can See a Health Professional

Booking an appointment at a chiropractic clinic can help you get relief for your headaches. But if there are a few days until a chiropractor is able to see you, there's no need to suffer. Although some headaches can be persistent, a short list of simple lifestyle changes can often be enough to reduce your discomfort to a degree until you're able to get professional help. Because headaches can arise for a multitude of reasons, you might have to try a variety of changes in order to find relief. In general, however, each of the following suggestions is beneficial to adopt.

Say Goodbye to Stress

While reducing your stress might not always be as simple as just expressing a desire to do so, there's little doubt that stress reduction can lessen the severity of your headaches. The Mayo Clinic reports that a long list of common stresses can cause headaches because of how your body reacts. For example, you might clench your jaw or tighten your neck and shoulder muscles. Seek to reduce your stress by exercising regularly, finding renewed enjoyment in an old hobby, arranging your busy schedule to allow for quality time with your spouse or partner, setting aside a period of time each day for relaxing or talking to a therapist about why you feel stressed. Any of these approaches can lower your stress level enough to make a difference to your headaches.

Change Your Sleep Patterns

Leading a busy life can encourage you to relax on the weekends, but spending too long in bed might be doing more harm than good. Regularly sleeping more than eight hours can worsen your headache. Instead of aiming for more sleep, focus on sleeping roughly the same amount each night -- it will work wonders for your body's internal clock -- and try to incorporate relaxing activities in the evening or morning. For example, do some gentle stretching before bed or practice a yoga routine on weekend mornings.

Drink More Water

As much as 75 percent of the population experiences dehydration because of failing to drink enough water. A common symptom of dehydration is headaches and if your headache is due to dehydration, drinking water consistently throughout the day can provide relief. Set a daily goal of drinking 2.2 litres of water per day if you're female and 3 litres per day if you're male. Avoid dehydrating substances such as coffee and soft drinks.

For assistance and more information, talk to a headache clinic.