Treating The Whole Family: Colic Care For Parent And Child

All babies cry. This is their primary mode of communication to let you know that something is wrong. Crying can be a sign of hunger, fatigue, or a dirty diaper, but what if none of these seem to be the problem? When a baby cries for long periods of time with no apparent cause, the whole family is affected. Here are some holistic approaches to treating colic for the whole family.

Diet Changes

Sometimes a baby's crying is caused by an intolerance or allergy to certain foods. If this is the case, eliminating the offending food will make your baby feel much better. If you are nursing, an elimination diet that excludes any potential allergens such as dairy, gluten, eggs, and nuts is a great start to finding out if there are any foods that you are eating that your baby is not tolerating. Keeping a food journal can help you to pinpoint specific foods to avoid. If your baby is formula fed, speak with his or her pediatrician for recommendations of hypoallergenic formula. 


Sometimes, colic is related to a strain in the relationship between the child and his or her parents. Basically, if you are stressed out, your baby will be stressed out, too. Finding ways to manage maternal stress is not only good for you, it is good for your baby as well. If you are less anxious, your baby will be as well. Having a massage is a great way to relieve tension and take steps toward being a better, calmer parent.

Massage can also be beneficial to your baby. If your baby's colic is related to gas or anxiety, a soothing touch from mom or dad may be just what the doctor ordered. Talk to your massage therapist, naturopathic doctor, or chiropractor about simple ways that you can massage your baby at home.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Being born is stressful to a baby's body. Sometimes this process can cause your baby to have subluxations, or misalignment of the vertebrae. A series of gentle chiropractic adjustments can help your baby to correct this problem. For parents, chiropractic therapy can promote overall health, lessen pain, and give you more energy to focus on taking care of a newborn.

Your baby will not stay little for long.  This is a time that should be full of cuddles and happy coos, not crying. By taking a holistic approach to colic treatment, you can get your family's life back and truly enjoy having an infant at home. (For more information on chiropractor treatment, contact Healing Hands Chiropractic and Massage or another company)