Been Diagnosed With Scoliosis? Three Ways to Treat It Without Having Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with scoliosis you have many treatment options. One of these is by having surgery. If you do not want surgery, however, there are other ways you can treat this problem, three of which are listed below.

See a Chiropractor

You should see a chiropractor to get treatment for scoliosis. They can help reduce your pain without drugs or surgery. They do this by decreasing pressure on your nervous system and using methods to strengthen your body's core. 

The chiropractor will feel the joints in your spine to see if any of them are out of line. If so, they will put the joints back in line again, which will help with the pain. The chiropractor will perform massages to help you, as well as teach you how to do a variety of stretches. There are also exercises that you can do to help with adjustments, which the chiropractor will show you how to do. These strengthening exercises will make it easier to support your joints. You will likely need to see the chiropractor more than one time for this treatment to get the best results from it. 

Use Bracing

Another way to treat scoliosis without surgery is to use bracing. Your doctor will determine if this is a good option for you.  It will depend on how curved your spine is. If they decide it will work, they will recommend the best type of brace for you to use. Braces can be uncomfortable, and you will not have to wear them all the time.

You can find soft braces which are much more comfortable to wear. These braces may not work as well as the harder braces, however. Your doctor will recommend where to purchase your brace and they can teach you how to put it on and take it off. The doctor can also recommend how long you need to wear your brace each day. 

See a Physical Therapist

You can see a physical therapist that is trained to help with scoliosis. They will know exercises you should do to help strengthen your muscles. The physical therapist will work along with your doctor in most cases to ensure you get the proper treatment. 

Along with exercises, the physical therapist will teach you breathing techniques that can help loosen joints and help if you are feeling pain. The therapist can help make daily living easier for you by teaching you different ways you can deal with your pain. 

Your doctor can tell you of other non-surgical scoliosis treatments. Contact a company like Bee Caves Scoliosis & Chiropractic Center for more information.