How Bad Posture Affects Your Holistic Health

If you ask people a few things they thought were bad for their health, they're likely to mention things like bad food and chemicals. It's very unlikely that the word posture will come up at any given point. However, many people are already dealing with the side effects of poor posture.

Whether you spend much of your day sitting or standing, unless you adopt the right posture, you could easily develop a number of postural problems. Postural problems don't just affect the back and neck; they can affect almost every part of your body.

Common Problems Caused by Bad Postures

If you experience some of these problems, your posture might be the hidden connection:

  1. Pelvic pain: Poor posture can lead to pelvic pain and even pelvic floor dysfunction, and this can result in difficulty in retaining urine, constipation etc.

  2. Headaches: Bad posture can contribute to headaches. Cervicogenic headaches start in the lower neck and move upwards.

  3. Fatigue: Your body is forced to work harder to maintain a poor posture, and therefore, you may feel more tired than usual.

  4. Pain in the hips, knees, and ankles: A poor posture puts uneven pressure/strain on these parts of the body, causing pain.

  5. Digestive problems: Your body may find it harder to digest food due to poor posture. You may also experience acid reflux.

Why You're Likely to Be Having Bad Posture

There is a lot in our modern lives that contribute to bad posture. From our types of jobs to the shoes we wear, a lot about our lives make it far too easy to have postural problems.

Desk jobs have been commonly cited as a common cause for bad posture. Whether it's being seated in a hunched position for most of the day or staring at a computer screen, there is plenty about desk jobs that doesn't favor a good posture. The repetitive nature of the job makes it easy to compound the problem.

How to Deal with Poor Posture

Although postural problems seem small, they can have a severe negative effect on the quality of your life. It's important to correct this problem as quickly as possible.

People who do desk jobs should use more ergonomic seating, and they should also take breaks to stretch out. You may also need to visit a chiropractor to undo some of the damage that has already been done in the past and to give you a healthy spine for the future.